Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Dream and Small Steps

Hi All!,
I thank you for being followers of my journey into this photography dream of mine. You are my support and I truly appreciate all of you. My dream has been slowly coming along here, even if they have been small steps!

Thank you, once again for being my friends and followers on this dream set free!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

A New Name; A New Post; And Images from The Isabella Wedding

For those who have been following me, I thank you for staying with me through this long silence. I have been working on life, and unfortunately, my photography blog had taken a back burner.
As you can see my name has changed. I wanted something that described my photography, not just a "name". So welcome to the new Photographic Artistry by Angela Harris!
Along with the new name, I am working on becoming more driven to get my photography out there! I have been told since I was very young that I have an original outlook on life, and it shows through my photography. With that said, I will be posting more often and I love feedback!
Just a quick update for now! If you haven't please visit my new webpage!

Wishing you unforgettable memories!

**All images are property of Photographic Artistry by Angela Harris. ***